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What makes a forager turn coastal? An agent-based approach to coastal foraging on the dynamic South African Paleoscape

Wren, C.D., C.W. Marean, K. Hill, K., and M.A. Janssen

In Human Behavioral Ecology at the Coastal Margins Global Perspectives on Coastal & Maritime Adaptations, edited by H Thakar and C. Flores, University of Florida Press


Assessing the Institutional Foundations of Adaptive Water Governance in South India

Vallury, S., H.C. Shin, M.A. Janssen, R.M Meinzen-Dick, S. Kandikuppa, K. Rao, R. Chaturvedi

Ecology & Society


Highways as coupled infrastructure systems: An integrated approach to address sustainability challenges

Janssen, M.A., J.M. Anderies, A. Baeza, H.L. Breetz, T. Jasinski, H.C. Shin, and S. Vallury

Resilience and Sustainable Infrastructure

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