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Institutional Entrepreneur and Informal Urban Land Transactions in Mexico City

Tellman, E., H. Eakin, B.L. Turner II, M.A. Janssen and F. de Alba

World Development


Modelling human decision-making and behaviour in social-ecological systems: practical lessons learned and ways forward

Schwarz, N., G. Dressler, K. Frank, W. Jager, M.A. Janssen, B. Müller, M. Schlüter, N. Wijermans, and J. Groeneveld

Socio-Environmental Systems Modeling


Transient dynamics create incentives for collective action groups to improve open-access common pool resources

Ziegler, J.P., S.L. Jardine, S.E. Jones, B.T. van Poorten, M.A. Janssen and C.T. Solomon

Ecology & Society


Highways as coupled infrastructure systems: An integrated approach to address sustainability challenges

Janssen, M.A., J.M. Anderies, A. Baeza, H.L. Breetz, T. Jasinski, H.C. Shin, and S. Vallury

Resilience and Sustainable Infrastructure

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