Learning how to learn

Just finished a great book by Barbara Oakley on how to learn to learn. As I experience

Who rules the world?

The new book of Paul Steinberg, a professor of Political Science and Environmental Policy at Harvey Mudd

The biology of trust

The book “The moral molecule” by Paul Zak is a great book discussing the research on

Legacy of Lin

It is today a year ago that Lin Ostrom died. During the last year many memorials,

The price of inequality

The latest book of Nobel Laureate economist Joseph Stiglitz is a brilliant discussion of some of

The Pressure on Rio+20

Last week I attended the Planet under Pressure conference in London. The conference was great and

The anthill Venice

As I am wandering through the streets of Venice – I am here for a workshop

Green Revolution

Yesterday attended a very interesting talk of Carlo Jaeger who gave a seminar in our School

Anasazi on the run

In the latest edition of Ecology and Society I published a paper on an agent-based model

Working Together

Earlier this month the book that I wrote with Amy Poteete and Elinor Ostrom got published

Science paper

In the Science edition of April 30, a paper of mine appeared on my work on

Equity versus Efficiency

From experimental research and case studies we are doing at CSID during the last few years

Good intensions

Giving aid is a difficult dilemma. A Samaritan’s dilemma. There are different ways to help the

Nudge Book Cover


An interesting book of 2008 is Nudge by behavioral economist Richard Thaler and legal scholar Cass

Sh** happens

The big necessity by Rose George is an unusual book since it discusses the details of

Plastic brains

Just finished “The brain that changes itself” of Norman Doidge which discuss new developments in brain

The benefits of theft

Stealing somebody’s property is illegal, but sometimes it has benefits and is tolerated. Within the increasing

Predictably irrational

I just finished a fantastic book by Dan Ariely of MIT on Predictably Irrational: The Hidden

The rules of gangs

A great book on the political economy of gangs is written by Sudhir Venkatesh in “Gang

Genetics and Ultimatum Game

This week two interesting papers appeared who had unusual design to study fairness by using ultimatum


The cover article of Science of July 27 is about the research potential of virtual worlds.

cooperation and big brother

Manfred Milinski and Bettina Rockenbach report in a recent perspective article in Science on the impact

Can we trust avatars?

Kristine Nowak and Christian Rauh of the University of Connecticut wrote an interesting paper where they

Not by genes alone

Has evolution led to humans with hard-wired decision algorithms, or is striking cooperative arrangements in human

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