Eco: how to save the world?

In my previous post I lamented the lack of resource dynamics in (video) games. Some of you let me know about resource constraints in some games, but many of you recognized the lack of ecological realism. Now a new multi-player game is announced: Eco, which will focus on the fragility of the world we live in. It is a survival game for the the resource you share with others. The ecosystem consists of predators and prey. Eat or be eaten. As human avatars you need to harvest resources to survive, but if you overuse the resource, you and the whole world will be affected. In fact, the developer mentions that the server might be physically wiped if the world collapsed. This might sound dramatic especially since many lifeforms will outlive humans, but it is an interesting option. No restart is possible, nor having extra lives.
I wonder how the developers deal with trolls, those gamers who purposely want to collapse the system. Anyway check out the Trailer and see whether this would be an interesting alternative to the robust worlds.

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